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How to improve your note-taking skills

How to improve your notetaking skills Electronic Shorthand ForAuthors

If you do any kind of study – online or off – you need to be able to take great notes. Not only are they useful after the studying itself, they are great at helping you stay focused while studying, and they help you remember the information. Note-taking keeps us awake and alert! The very act of writing/typing helps us and the notes themselves are great for reading afterwards – sometimes years afterwards.

But people speak quickly, so how do you keep up? By learning how to take quick notes! My method of electronic shorthand, also known as digital note-taking, is quick, easy, and fun to learn.

It is great for young people who are addicted to their electronic devices – it turns them into useful educational tools!

It is also brilliant for those of us who tend to lose bits of paper, have dodgy memories (I take notes EVERYWHERE, for EVERYTHING!), or have sore fingers. Writing with a pen can aggravate arthritis but many people with painful fingers can manage to type on a computer/laptop.

Have a look at my electronic shorthand course and see if it could help you in your work, study, and play.