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Add your blog updates to your Facebook page

If you blog, you will be aware of the need to promote your posts – if you don’t promote them, they probably won’t attract many readers.
One solution is to have your posts sync with your Facebook page. It’s a simple matter of signing up for NetworkedBlogs and then installing their app on your page.
Check out this SlideShare to see the step-by-step instructions.
Your blog posts will automatically appear and be visible to your Facebook fans who click on the Blog link on your page.

Discover which WordPress theme a site is using

Have you ever seen a beautiful website and wish yours could look as good? Well, maybe it can! There’s a simple way to look at a site’s code to see whether or not it has been built using WordPress. If it has, you may be able to find out which theme it is using and go download/buy the same theme.


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