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So why aren’t you building your list?

6 reasons why authors don't build email lists | ForAuthors.infoIf you’re anything like most authors, your answer to the title of this article will be one of six choices:

  • You think it’s too expensive
  • You think it’s too difficult
  • You think it will take up too much time
  • You think the technology is too confusing
  • You don’t want to become a salesperson
  • You don’t know what to write

Have a look through my SlideShare presentation to see some answers to these common stumbling blocks.

I was reading a new book today, ’25 Ways To Improve Your Website’ and it has a wonderful line in it:

People often ask me things like ‘When is the best time to schedule your email to go out? My answer is always the same, NOW!

Vinny O’Hare

It’s another of the things that cripples people and stop them taking action. Don’t worry about when to send your emails out or exactly what to put in them – just get them out.

There are some great ideas and tips in my new course, which I’ve just published in collaboration with Cathy Presland. It’s called ‘Email Marketing for Authors’ and it is designed to walk you through the process of building a profitable list. It’s the #1 way of increasing book sales and it can make sure you have a terrific launch for your next book.

Click here to join the course. Prior to 1st August, you can join for just $10 using the code: EMLaunch at the checkout.

If you aren’t able to join the course, you can learn most of what you need online, it will just take longer. Get started as soon as you can, as you’re leaving money on the table by not building your list.

Here’s the link in case you’d like to have a look at the website improvement book:

It’s a quick read and contains some great tips for improving website performance. I’ve been using WordPress for myself and others for over five years. I still picked up some great tips from the book. Here are the few tips I would add from my own experience:

  • Don’t use too many plugins – they are great but they can slow down your website. But there’s one you should add…
  • Use a landing page plugin – this is great for making pages to use as opt-in pages. Have a freebie on there (a PDF, audio, or video) which you offer to readers in return for their email address. I use Parallax Gravity Lite for mine.
  • Update your theme as soon as a new version comes out – they often improve security.
  • Update your site frequently – it keeps it high in the Google rankings.
  • Use YouTube videos if you want to get your site indexed by Google quickly – you can create a video quickly using some photos and free MovieMaker software from Microsoft. Just record yourself narrating, compile it as a movie file, and upload to YouTube. Be sure to link to your site in both the video and the description that you write on YouTube and you should find it on Google within an hour.

6 Reasons Why Authors Don’t Build Email Lists

Email marketing is the #1 way to sell more books. Do a quick Google search, you’ll find dozens of top-selling authors admitting that their list is the source of their success! Yes, you need to write great books, but if no-body finds out about them they won’t sell.

List building isn’t a complex science, is a skill that anybody can learn. Many authors feel incredibly daunted by it, though, and either never begin or start and give up.

Here are a few tips and a suggestion that you get started right now… today! It’s never too soon or too late to start building your list.