Make Your Book Work Harder

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Is you book working as hard as it coud be?

If your book is currently only available on Kindle, you could be missing out on missed royalties.

You may have looked into CreateSpace or Smashwords before and found the formatting fiddly and cumbersome, given it up and gone back to writing. Well it's always good to go back to writing, but it's even better to get your book onto multiple platforms first!

Did you know that the iBookstore (Apple) is now the second biggest seller of digital books, just behind Amazon?

Smashwords is the best way to get into the iBookstore if you don't have a Mac computer.

We'll show you how.

We'll also show you how to speed up your productivity by outsourcing, using inexpensive formatters, and other helpful tips and tricks.

We also have a 'secret' Facebook group where we swap tips, share the latest developments, and generally support each other.

Get the book now - it's just $.99 during launch week.