Kindle MatchBook Is Live

Amazon have announced today (October 29th) that MatchBook is now live. This is great news for readers and –  hopefully – authors.

It enables people to download a free or reduced-price Kindle version when they order a paperback.

Publishers/authors have to enrol their books in MatchBook and specify the price they want to charge for the reduce-price Kindle version. It must be at least 50% less than the usual full price for the Kindle version.

Some authors have expressed doubt about how popular this will be, thinking that no-one will want to buy two versions of the same book. Time will tell of course but one thing we are confident in is Amazon’s ability to sell books. Amazon knows its customers and knows what they want.

We both have books on our shelves that we would like to be able to carry with us on our Kindles when we travel – favorite novels, well-thumbed non-fiction books. We’re happy to go with Amazon on this and have enrolled our books.


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