Help! I want to write but don’t know where to start

I hear you! I’ve been a writer for many years but I have so many ideas but I often don’t know which to work on first. Plus there’s the old problem about finding the time, making loved ones understand that you need some quiet, finding motivation when tackling a long book, etc.

I got published initially by doing a fabulous course called ‘Publish Your Book On Kindle‘, which helped me navigate both the writing and publishing process. It also included helpful marketing advice. Not cheap – $199 – but a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about making a living from writing.

The author of the ‘Publish Your Book On Kindle’ course has also created a free course on how to write, which is wonderful. It’s called ‘Becoming A Writer‘ and contains lots of exercises to get the creativity flowing.

Another free course, ‘Memoir Kickstart‘, would be great to join if you fancy having a go at memoir writing.

Finally, if you’re really stuck try journalling. Write down your daily activities and what you felt about them. It is a lovely way to end the day and start thinking about the next one – and it can get the writing bug going.


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