How to improve your note-taking skills | Electronic shorthand NOTETAKING COURSE

Learn my unique method of 'electronic shorthand' in just a couple of hours.

Faster, easier, and more relevant than old-fashioned methods of shorthand. Great for anyone who has ever used 'text' language on a cellphone as it uses a similar, familiar method - just with a few rules so you can always read back your notes!

Makes a superb, useful gift for students of all ages. Loved by entrepreneurs and business people who take notes at conferences, on webinars, and when studying online courses.

em4aEmail Marketing for Authors

Build a List to Sell More Books

If you aren't doing email marketing - aka 'building a list' - you are missing out on potential royalties.

Many people struggle with even the idea because of the technical aspects but it really isn't difficult and the benefits are tremendous. Amazon and other book sellers don't share their customer data with us, so inviting your readers to join your list is a way to find out who they are. The people most likely to buy your next book is people who have read your other books. A list gives you the perfect opportunity to make a relationship with your existing readers, answer their questions, let them in on the secrets of your writing life, and alert them when you have a new book coming out. They can become your 'tribe', the people who will help sell your book to others.

Join 'Email Marketing for Authors' to learn how to make the most of the incredible opportunities of list building.

How To Double Your Royalties

Get your book into print - CreateSpace formatting course

If you currently only have your books available in digital format (Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Nook, etc.), you might be surprised to discover that print is enjoying a resurgence. It varies but some authors enjoy even better print sales than they do digital sales.

It's true that more Kindle books are sold than print (around 118 Kindle sales for every 100 print sales. But that means there are 100 print sales for every 118 Kindle sales!! Do you want to leave that much money on the table? I didn't and I was glad I took the time (the long, tedious time!) to learn how to get my books onto CreateSpace.

Learning on your own, working things out, going through lots of trial and error wastes so much time. Time that would be better spent writing your next book or marketing your existing ones. Same time by joining this course to learn CreateSpace formatting quickly and painlessly.

Michelle Campbell-Scott's Kindle formatting course on UdemyFormat for Kindle the RIGHT Way!

eBook formatting course

We've all seen Kindle books that look like they need a bit of TLC! Improper indents, missing table of contents or a table of contents that doesn't work (not clickable), images and tables all wonky and unviewable.

This course teaches eBook formatting using Sigil, open-source (i.e. free) software. It's not rocket science and you'll have all the instruction and help you need to produce a beautiful eBook, every time.

7181_GoodreadsForAuthorsBookPromotionAndMarketing_1401853297_mediumGOODREADS FOR AUTHORS

Book Promotion & Marketing Course

Goodreads is a fantastic site for readers and authors. Meet potential readers, establish/increase your author platform, upload videos, blog posts, status updates, and more. Authors can get tremendous benefits from Goodreads and, using the methods taught in this course, can learn how to do so in a minimal amount of time - and get back to the writing!

We are in the process of updating this course so it will show the most uptodate screens (not essential for learning but nice to see!). If you join and would like us to help you establish your author presence on Goodreads, please let us know. We can then use some of the screenshots in lecture updates.

We hope to see you on Goodreads!

Udemy have unveiled a new pricing structure that I'm thrilled about. Instead of asking us to price our courses high so they can offer weird, regular discounts, they have asked us to set lower prices so that everyone can afford them. This is much more fair and reasonable and I was delighted to accept.

You can see the new, lower prices on all my courses by clicking the button below.