Michelle Campbell-Scott | ForAuthors.infoHi! I’m Michelle Campbell-Scott. I started the For Authors website after the success of my first book for authors, ‘Goodreads for Authors’.

Like many authors, I was keen to discover ways to promote my own books, which led me to investigate Goodreads. It took me so long to get the hang of it that I decided to write down what it involved, to help other authors!

Then it got a bit uncomfortable, because people started treating me as a publishing expert. I’m not. I’m possibly just a bit further along the journey than the people who buy my books. I have a community on Facebook and we hang out there, learning from each other. I’m currently learning more about the many skills needed for novel writing from one of the people who bought my books and courses. I love that give and take.

It’s a very exciting time to be an author. Digital publishing in particular offers exciting opportunities. It’s also a crowded market, though. Authors can only do well if we learn how to be business-people and be professional about both our writing and our marketing. We can do that by pulilng together and learning from each other.

I have a easy goal for this site – to provide useful resources that will help authors and bring them together.

Michelle x


This page lists the currently available downloads from books in the ‘For Authors’ series. As it isn’t possible to print from Kindle devices/apps, there are several downloads from each book in the series that you can download, print out, send to a mobile device, etc., to enable you to follow the step-by-step instructions in the …

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Review of 'Electronic Shorthand' by Michelle Campbell-Scott


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