Learn how to index your own book

Here’s a link to a free webinar I just presented on how to index a book in Word. It’s not difficult, it just takes a willingness to learn and a bit of concentration! The result will be a book that is more valuable and useful to readers – possibly resulting in more sales and more great reviews.

Goodreads for Authors Update

  Here’s a PDF download with the slidedeck from the video presentation: Goodreads for Authors 2016 Update PDF Download

Traditional or Indie Publishing?

The debate over which is best – traditional or Indie publishing – has raged for years. In truth, there is no ‘best’ for everyone, it’s very individual. My friend Nancy Hendrickson is what she terms a ‘hybrid’ author – one who is both traditionally and self-published. Her experience with traditional publishers actually led her to …

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Add your blog updates to your Facebook page

If you blog, you will be aware of the need to promote your posts – if you don’t promote them, they probably won’t attract many readers. One solution is to have your posts sync with your Facebook page. It’s a simple matter of signing up for NetworkedBlogs and then installing their app on your page. …

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How to improve your note-taking skills

If you do any kind of study – online or off – you need to be able to take great notes. Not only are they useful after the studying itself, they are great at helping you stay focused while studying, and they help you remember the information. Note-taking keeps us awake and alert! The very …

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So why aren’t you building your list?

If you’re anything like most authors, your answer to the title of this article will be one of six choices: You think it’s too expensive You think it’s too difficult You think it will take up too much time You think the technology is too confusing You don’t want to become a salesperson You don’t …

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6 Reasons Why Authors Don’t Build Email Lists

Email marketing is the #1 way to sell more books. Do a quick Google search, you’ll find dozens of top-selling authors admitting that their list is the source of their success! Yes, you need to write great books, but if no-body finds out about them they won’t sell. List building isn’t a complex science, is …

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Discover which WordPress theme a site is using

Have you ever seen a beautiful website and wish yours could look as good? Well, maybe it can! There’s a simple way to look at a site’s code to see whether or not it has been built using WordPress. If it has, you may be able to find out which theme it is using and …

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How to use Keynote FREE on a Windows computer

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